The Unity DDT-DFB Locator Tool will search a user selected Folder for Unity Pro XEF/ZEF Exported Project Files that contain DDT and/or DFB definitions.  The search results for Projects and DDT-DFBs can be saved for fast loading later.  

The discovered projects can have all of the DDT/DFB instances loaded into the tool (or individual project instances) for user analysis.  The information presented includes the Version and Checksums for the DDT/DFB definitions.  

The tool also has features that automate the creation of Unity Pro ZEF/XEF files from Unity Pro .STU files.  These features also scan a user selected Folder (and sub-Folders) for the .STU files.

Right Clicking on the left pane will present options related to the Project Level.

There are Sorting and extensive Filtering capabilities.  DDT-DFB Project usage is auto-filtered with highlighting of the Projects when DDT-DFBs are selected in the Grid.