Tips & Tricks
How to optimize Unity Pro Performance while working with LL984 Upgraded Projects

This Tip is applicable to Unity Pro Versions V5.1 through V8.0.

There are several things that a user can do to optimize the performance of Unity Pro while working with projects that are upgraded from Legacy 984LL Software.

  1. In the Project Settings (PLC embedded data) set the Upload Information management as shown here
    Note: Changes to this setting does not require a Build and therefore the user can experiment
             with the setting to evaluate performance differences

  2. In the Project Settings (Project autosaving on download) set the options as shown here (nothing checked)
    Notes:  1) Changes to these settings do not require a Build and therefore the user can experiment
                    with the settings to evaluate the performance differences
               2)  With these settings un-checked, it is the users responsibility to Save the Project File and the Archive File.

  3. If possible, perform Unity Pro work (troubleshooting/modifications) local to the controller and connected via USB.

  4. Determine if Extended Memory (6X addresses) was used in the application.  During the Unity Pro Import of a Legacy LL984 applications, LL_6xPage_x arrays may be created for applications if the original PLC had extended memory (6x) capability.  This may occur even if the original application did not access this area of memory.  The only method to access this area of the PLC memory was to use the instructions XMRD (extended memory read) and XMWT (extended memory write). If these arrays are created during Import, a large amount of PLC memory will be allocated (>70,000 words)  for these arrays.  If it is determined that the extended memory area was not utilized in the original application,  these arrays may be deleted from the Unity project. If the original Legacy application is accessing the extended memory area, the application can be analyzed to see which extended memory pages are being used. If it is determined that extended memory pages are not being accessed by the application, these page arrays may be deleted from the Unity project if desired.

    Additional details regarding Extended Memory (6X) is available here

  5. Determine if the State RAM Initialization Variables (created by the LL984 Converter) are required.  If not, delete these variables from the application.
    Refer to 'What options are available for Managing MODICON Quantum State RAM' for more information regarding these Variables, and know that these Variables will also be present in 984LL applications migrated to hardware platforms other than just Quantum.

In addition to the Project Setting Upload Information management, it is highly recommended that the Project Settings for Build are set as shown here
!!! Changing these Project Setting will require a Full Build and Download