The M340 BMXNOR RTUconf Tool provides off-line creation and editing capabilities for M340 BMXNOR RTUconf.xml files. 

The tool is not only an alternative to the Web Browser based configuration interface provided by the BMXNOR Web Server but also provides several additional features.  These include:

  • the ability to generate BMXNOR DNP3 Point Data Mapping from a Unity Pro exported Variables file (.xsy) or Project file (.xef/.zef), for both Server and Client BMXNOR Channels/Sessions

  • the ability to edit multiple DNP3 Points' attributes simultaneously

  • generation of multiple RTUconf.xml files from a source template RTUconf.xml file

  • generation of multiple Unity Pro Projects from a source template Unity Pro Project.xef file

    • with automated option to Import, Build and Save of multiple Unity Pro Project.xef files to Project.stu files

  • creation of RTUconf.rtuPRJ files

    • rtuPRJ files are a single file containing the Unity XEF and RTUconf XML content

    • generation of multiple RTUconf.rtuPRJ files - used with U2V VJC Bldr  

  • a Communications Analysis Feature for DNP3 Networks
    • calculates the byte size of the DNP3 Payload required by the Static and Buffered Event data
    • recommends Polling Frequency and Staggering required for minimizing Network Channels collisions
  • Help Section dedicated to Best Practices for Implementing DNP3 Networks 

Basic Steps of Use

Create a Unity Project

Add M340 BMXNOR RTUconf Tool Syntax to Custom Column of Data Editor for applicable variables

Build, Save and Export the Unity Project

Run the M340 BMXNOR RTUconf Tool and...

Load the UnityPro.STU file into the CPU and the RTUconf.XML file into the BMXNOR and you are done.