Tips & Tricks

The M340 RTU Demo Application (provided as an Exported XEF file) was developed to address actual specification requirements for typical Gravity Lift Stations in a SCADA System using DNP3 Communications Protocol.  The application can be used with Unity Pro V6.0 or greater and is built for use in the Unity Pro Simulator, but can be modified and run in hardware.


The M340 RTU Demo Application includes the following Simulation Features
  • Wet Well Level Simulator
    • The simulation is based on:
      • user adjustable geometry of the Wet Well (radius and depth)
      • user adjustable fill rate in gpm
      • calculated drain rate in gpm
    • The simulator calculates the Wet Well volume (gallons) and level (inches)
    • The drain rate calculation is based on the actual pump characteristics provided in the Specification Functional Description
  • Station HMI simulation:  User interface for adjusting the values of Alarm/Control parameters and viewing Pump/Instrument Data (run hours, trends, etc.)
  • User interface for simulating Alarm conditions defined in the Functional Description
  • Simulation of VFD Run Feed-Back Signals

By simulating the Station Influent Flow Rate and the Station HMI, the Level Mode control strategy can be exercised completely.  Simulation and Operator Screens are standard features of Unity Pro.

The M340 RTU Demo Application was developed using the following methodology.
  • Evaluate the Specification Functional Description and P&ID drawing to identify the Equipment and Control Objects required
  • Create Unity DFBs for the Equipment and Control Objects using the U2V DFB Mngr methodology, including:
  • Create the Unity Project
    • Set the Project Settings
    • Define and configure the Hardware
    • Export the Project
    • Use the U2V DFB Mngr to create “Template Sections” and Import them
    • Create any additional logic and connect Equipment and Control DFBs as required
    • Create Diagnostics logic
    • Complete documentation required
    • Add Simulation Code and Operator Screens then Test using the Unity Simulator

In addition to the application, a U2V DFB Mngr DFB Library (Get the Library) and a Vijeo Citect Example Project (Get the VJC Project) are available.