Migrating your MODICON Automation System to Unity Pro - useful stuff and tools    Get the Tools

Migrating your MODICON Automation System Hardware and Application to Unity Pro Software is the most cost effective System Modernization path available.  Schneider Electric offers Hardware and Services that help customers achieve their modernization goals while also addressing their concerns related to risk and return on investment.

System Modernization brings the following benefits:

  • System performance improvement opportunities with enhanced diagnostics at the hardware and applications levels
  • Reduced total cost of ownership by enabling the integration of today's state of the art technologies into existing and expanded systems
  • Programming Software support on current Microsoft Operating Systems
  • Ethernet connectivity options for both Host Systems and IO Subsystems
The goal here is to provide information and tools that address specific shared end-user needs and desires related to System Modernization.  The tools help to minimize the development time required while addressing the needs and desires.

System Modernization Evaluation/Preparation Check List (coming soon)