Tips & Tricks
How to easily and remotely manage a Quantum Hot Standby System functional state

Managing the functional state of a Quantum Hot Standby System is easily accomplished using Unity Pro Operator Screens.  There are two versions of Operator Screens presented and available here:  Basic and Extended.

It is highly recommended that the use of the control features of these Operator Screens are only executed when connected to the Primary Controller of a system.

The Basic screens only contain graphical object linking to the System Words (direct addressed to %SW60 and %SW61) so these can be imported into an existing system without the need for any additional changes.

The Basic System Operator Screen provides control and shows the status of the Quantum HSBY Controller.

There is also a Basic Status Operator Screen that provides reference to the details of %SW61.

And finally a Basic Control Operator Screen with reference to the details of %SW60.

The Extended version of the Quantum HSBY Operator Screens add functionality to the Basic Operator Screens.  These features require minimal code to be added to an application, but the functional gains are worth it.

It is recommended that this code is not added to (nor executed in) the first Section of the application.  The non-optional code must be entered exactly as shown (including the Variable Names) to maintain the linking to the graphical objects within the available Extended Quantum HSBY Operator Screens.  It is also recommended that the non-optional code be entered prior to importing the Extended Operator Screens.  This also insures that the graphical object linking is maintained.

If the OPTIONAL CODE is included, it may be necessary to change the Project Properties to realize the maximum benefits.

Warning:  These changes to the Project Properties will require an Off-Line Build and Full Download, so the system will have to be stopped.

The features added include:
  • the ability to Force a Controller Swap (with a single click) if the HSBY System is Active
  • optional Automatic Transfer of the application (following modifications) from the Primary to the Standby Controller
  • messages generated into the Controller Diagnostic Buffer for:
    • Standby Controller Off-Line
    • Application Modified

Here are the added features show on the Extended System Quantum HSBY Operator Screen.

The added features are also available on the Extended Control Quantum HSBY Operator Screen.

The Status Quantum HSBY Operator Screen is the same in the Basic and Extended versions.