The Schneider Electric M340 BMXNOR Gravity (Bubbler/Transducers) Station Unity Pro Project Example is provided in two formats.

  • Unity Pro Project File (GBTS.STA)
  • The Unity Pro Project Documentation.



The Unity Pro Project File (GBTS.STA) includes the following Simulation Features

  • Wet Well Level Simulator
    • The simulation is based on:
      • user adjustable geometry of the Wet Well (radius and depth)
      • user adjustable fill rate in gpm
      • calculated drain rate in gpm 
    • The simulator calculates the Wet Well volume (gallons) and level (inches)
    • The drain rate calculation is based on the pump characteristics provided in the Functional Description
  • Station OIT simulation:  User interface for adjusting the values of Alarm/Control parameters and viewing Pump/Instrument Data (run hours, trends, etc.)
  • User interface for simulating Alarm conditions defined in the Functional Description
  • Simulation of VFD Run Feed-Back Signals


By simulating the Station Influent Flow Rate and the Station OIT, the Level Mode control strategy can be exercised completely.  For details of the simulation User Interface, see the Simulation Operator Screens section of the Unity Pro Project Documentation. 


Simulation and Operator Screens are standard features of Unity Pro.


Note:  All Discrete Inputs for Alarms are assumed to be wired for Fail Safe Conditions (Alarm on Low) so that wire breaks create alarm conditions.  This is in direct contradiction with the IO List provided with Addendum 4.  This can easily be adjusted as required


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2014 Q1 Newsletter

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o        New version posted        à V1.2.0.2

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·         U2V DFB Mngr                         à  V1.2.0.4

·         M340 BMXNOR RTUconf Tool      à  V2.1.0.8

·         U2V VJC Bldr                          à  V4.0.0.42

·         Unity DDT-DFB Locator             à  V1.0.0.6

·         Unity LL984 Descriptor Tool       à  V4.0.5.6

·         Unity LL984 Segment Buster      à  V1.0.0.1

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 DFB Libraries & Example Projects

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o        Basic Quantum Hot Standby

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