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U2V is a methodology that exploits Unity Pro and Vijeo features to minimize Plant Struxure project development time.  The methodology is an object oriented approach to system design and implementation.  U2V provides a set of example projects, including a Unity Pro DFB Library and a Vijeo Citect Include Project with Genies and Super Genies with Cicode.  There are also Vijeo Designer Tool Chest items that mimic the Vijeo Citect objects.  U2V Tools are provided and these automate the process of Unity Pro and Vijeo Application development.

Learning the Core aspects of the U2V Methodology enables users to Leverage all Unity Pro features, specifically:
  • Creating Unity DFBs for Equipment and Control Objects
  • Utilizing XML and Import / Export
  • Creating DFB/DDT objects that are Hardware Platform Independent so the objects can be used with Quantum, Premium, M340 and M580 systems.

The methodology focuses on minimizing keyboard use to avoid the costly efforts of tracing down typo and other similar errors generally caused by using the Copy/Paste method of Project Development.

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